4/3 is a "Tomb-Sweeping Day"  for Taiwan people.
it is a busy day.
we have to go to a graveyard  to find and clear our ancestor's grave.
clear and clean weeds and small tree that grow on the grave.

when people dead, we have 2 types of process the body.

the cheaper way is to burn the body to ash.  the expensive way is to bury into the ground.

it cost NT15000 (US$500) for a cremation. but it could cost about NT800000 (US$26000) to buy a grave block in some hot area, usually in North near Taipei., the above price does not include the funeral.


here is the graveyard, you can see many "house like" graves.
don't worry my friend,  there are no ghost here. 

people often clean their graves in daytime .
many graves  

this is a normal grave. there is no dead boby or dead bone inside.
it is just a symbol of memory of someone's ancestor.

but i don't think it works.  we people only remember 1 or 2 generations, for me i just know my parents. and a little about my grand-fa and mo. i don't think people can image someone who didn't live with them.
poor grave  

rich guy's grave.  it looks no need to clean weeds and small trees.
richer grave  
alter clean the grave, the Chinese believe burn some money of the nether world  to their ancestor for their
the money of the nether world is just a cheap paper , not real money.
the nether world is a place where human ghost live.

i hear a girl who says she can see ghost.
she says please do not burn those money of
the nether world. she proclaim when you burn those paper that will attract many ghost together.she saw the ghost eat the ash of the  paper.
although, those ghost won't hurt we human, but she don't like to see those dead ghost.

it is just a theory or old chinese culture
which is hard to be confirm or eximine truch or false .
burning dead money  
there is a poor praying manits, because we cut down all small trees.

a praying mantis  

oh, there is a stick insert baby here.
look, it is very small ..
a stick insect baby  
photo zoom in

a stick insect baby 2  

about the burn money to dead ghost,
there is one temple procliam  stop doing this for saving our earth.
they say buring those paper is useless, and bad to air environment.
our president also support his idea.

but some traditional temples do not agree it.
they say stop burining money to dead is a insult.
it looks like  a culture conflict between West and Chinese..
i personally do not like burning paper. it is real bad to air. it generate a lot of CO2.
if i have to do it . i will write 1 billion dollars in a paper, and just burn this one.

    tomb sweeping day. clean grave

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